3 Hearts

An exciting and tense dramatization about fate, associations, and enthusiasm, 3 Hearts – 3 Coeurs presents a Romantic take a gander at an exemplary loving triangle. On a night of territory in France, Marc (Benoît Poelvoorde) meets Sylvie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), at that point loses the prepare back to Paris. Immediately and strongly pulled in, they meander through the avenues to the end. A discouraged arrangement for a moment get-together sends every one of every a different bearing, Sylvie reunites with her previous and leaves France; Marc becomes hopelessly enamored and weds. What she doesn’t know is that Marc’s new lady of the hour is Sylvie’s sister, Sophie (Chiara Mastroianni). At the point when Sylvie comes back to France, the start between them is re-established in ways that will change their connections until the end of time.

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