A Quiet Place Part II

After the deadly events in his home, the Abbot family faces the danger of the outside world. To survive, they must fight in silence. Forced to venture into uncharted territory, they realize that creatures that attack at the slightest sound are not the only threat that stands in their way.

In June 2018, spectators discovered Without a noise, an almost silent feature film which depicts a family confronted by terrible creatures sensitive to sound in a post-apocalyptic world. Almost two years later, the Abbott continued the fight for their survival in a second installment still directed by ex-Jim Halpert of The Office, John Krasinski.

In the first teaser, we find the remaining members, Evelyn, Marcus, Reagan and the baby (in the box) progressing in total silence, the day after the events of the previous film. Evidenced by the bandage on the foot of Emily Blunt, posed after a nail accident in a step.

If the first opus chose to evade the existence of other humans to dwell on the loneliness of the quartet, this new chapter invites other characters into the story. This is in any case what comedian Brian Tyree Henry, a newcomer to the saga, confided last June to the site The Observer, adding that this second part could give answers on the origin of the apocalypse and monsters.

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