A film coordinated by Nick Willing after his unique script. It’s about a Family moving in a broken down house in Yorkshire just to find that it has a dim past. The Hamilton moves into an extensive nation house on Yorkshire to direct the reclamation of a frail house. At the point when Meg Hamilton, spouse, mother and remodel master loses its initially group in London after a mischance, then a neighborhood group, are excessively superstitious, making it impossible to proceed with, she is compelled to proceed alone. The revelation of a mystery chamber in the storage room, a mosaic, an inherent basement, and numerous other baffling occasions, bit by bit persuades Meg, her better half and the offspring of Alec Penny and Harper, that they are the individuals who reestablish the house as well as are the first proprietors who kicked the bucket 150 years prior. Be that as it may, before they can get away, their home and ex-inhabitants compel them to spend the last startling night under their rooftop.

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