Artemis Fowl

Descended from a long line of criminals, the young and extremely wealthy Artemis Fowl – 12 years old and already endowed with an extraordinary intelligence – is about to deliver a hard fight against the Fairy People, powerful and mysterious creatures who live in an underworld and that could well be the cause of the disappearance of his father 2 years earlier. To carry on his fight, he will have to call on all his strength and his devilish ingenuity, even to take hostage Captain Holly Short – an elf known for his bravery – and redeem him for a ransom of gold. For the dwarf gauntlet and kleptomaniac Mulch Diggums – who will try anything to help Holly – and Commander Root, head of FARFADET (Regulatory Armed Forces and Air Fairies DETection, the Fairies Police Recognition Department) , the party looks more than tight …

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