Breaking Surface

A few days after Christmas, Ida and her sister Tuva organize a winter diving trip in a remote corner of the Norwegian coast. During the dive, a landslide wedges Tuva underwater. As Ida surfaces for help, she discovers that the landslide has also buried their equipment, phones and car keys…. Completely cut off from the world, Ida will then do everything to save her sister.
The Scandinavian landscape is still unique to itself, exploited in the series by being snowy and rather deserted. He can be found breathtaking and he even contributed quite a bit, on his own, to the success of Scandinavian series. Unfortunately, for 13 years, with the tidal wave of “Nordic Noir”, all the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian series, in short the series “coming from the cold” have not failed (since The Killing / Forbrydelsen in 2007) , I am one of those who may be too used to it. Still, the spectacle that nature offers on its own does not even offer me a “plus” for me to find the successful realization. With ”Breaking surface”, I had a hard time going to the end even though it is a relatively short film (1h20) and we are entitled as a frame to the Lofoten islands in northern Norway. which would rather deserve a look. In addition to the storyline, the character Ida collects blunders one after the other. On her way, she messes up everything and on her own, as others have written, she shows us rather everything there is not to do … spoiler: As for the actresses, we find Moa Gammel who was the main character in the series “Jordskott” which I had seen 5 years ago (and which I had not liked) and her younger sister in the film is played by Madeleine Martin, seen in the Californication / Spirits series Criminals / The Good Wife. In short, “Breaking Surface” is one of those films that I will not remember for long (or not very positively anyway).

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