Formerly a Chicago master, the formidable Al Capone is assigned to reside after 10 years behind bars. To protect his fortune, he allegedly hid millions of dollars before his arrest in a place known to him alone and everyone wants to seize it. Even weakened by the disease, Al Capone is willing to do anything to protect his… and his money.

Josh Trank, who has had a hard time recovering from the failure of the Fantastic 4, risks continuing to drag his spleen with this film. If the idea could have been interesting by treating the last days of Capone, the approach and its treatment leaves much to be desired, because although the film is not particularly long it drags in length to say nothing in the end, the editing is not always appropriate which makes certain scenes of Capone’s insanity sometimes confusing and muddled. And even the achievement in itself is very soft and lacks personality. Tom Hardy offers a game that is not always fair, based on facial expressions and grunts. Not totally a biopic, let alone a gangster film, we must totally put aside the films of Scorsese and perhaps even more those of Palma like Scarface, the masterpiece Impasse and especially the Incorruptibles, or Niro delivered an Al Capone of a different caliber. What could have been a great movie about a character who has become iconic over time turns out to be a disappointment.

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