The adaptation of the musical Cats. Once a year during an extraordinary night, the Jellicle Cats gather for their big ball. Their leader, Deuteronome, chooses whoever can enter the paradise of the Jellicosphere to be reborn in a new life.

After a first trailer that has not really convinced, Cats returns with a brand new trailer delighted. Exit the musical side, these images finally put the accent on the characters, the choreographies and the decorations. This adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical follows Victoria (played by star dancer Francesca Hayward), as she meets the Jellicle Cats, a group of cats that meets every year for their big ball in the hope to be chosen by their leader Deuteronome to enter the paradise of the Jellicosphere and be reborn in a whole new life. On her way the heroine will meet especially the mischievous and dangerous Macavity (embodied by Idris Elba) …

Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, James Corden or Judi Dench have metamorphosed the time of a film in felines. The Cats team used CGI to create the characters, while keeping the human face of the actors, to stay true to the Broadway play. On the preparations side, the entire cast had to take dance classes to learn how to move like cats and to perform sharp choreographies (which are signed by Andy Blankenbuehler, already at work on Hamilton).

And that fans of Cats are reassured, the film of Tom Hooper (Les Miserables) will resume the songs of the musical (such as Memory, which will be played by Jennifer Hudson) but will propose new titles, including Beautiful Ghosts, sung here by Taylor Swift.

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