Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old musically gifted teenager, has bone cancer (osteosarcoma). A final year student, he is bursting with life and projects. But when he learns that his cancer is generalized, he decides with his best friend Sammy – who is coping with him – to make the most of the little time he has left. Thanks to their teacher Mr. Weaver, Zach and Sammy manage to sign a contract with a record company. Accompanied by his girlfriend Amy and his parents Rob and Laura, Zach will experience intense moments where friendship and love come together to the sound of the evocative force of music.
Here !! The kind of movie that gives you a big slap, you don’t necessarily expect it and you take it !! Heartwarming, moving, sad but with a very clear message !! This film is a real lesson in life, we who often complain about “ease !!”, it calms and it reframes things !! Fin Argus is perfect, like the rest of the cast !! It’s tearful, the superb soundtrack placed at the right time helps a lot it’s true but it’s so strong !! This music which now resonates in the head !! Here it is strong, it is magnificent and let’s take advantage of having health !!

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