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Antique Appraiser Phoenix Before you throw out things from your attic, you might want to ask an antique appraiser in Phoenix to check them out for you. At Morton Appraisals, you can even request for an online evaluation depending on the item. Just visit our website to find out how or call us at 480-326-6885 for inquiries.  

Before you hold that garage sale, you should enlist the help of an antique appraiser in Phoenix to check your items. For all you know, seemingly worthless items—like your grandma’s old furniture or paintings of unknown origin—might turn out to be very valuable antiques. Don’t just work with any appraiser, though. Here are important criteria when finding an antique appraiser:
Accreditation – Legitimate antique appraisers have all the accreditations necessary and follow ethical and professional standards. Aside from being licensed and certified appraisers, they should also be insured.
Experience - It helps if the appraiser has been in the business for many years. Only a trained eye can spot an antique right away and distinguish it from a fake.
Services - Each appraiser has a specialty. If you have antique paintings or art pieces, make sure the appraiser is highly trained in that specific category.
If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy antique in appraiser Phoenix, contact Morton Appraisals LLC. Owner Sean Morton is a member of the Antique Appraisal Association of America and is also the director of the Houston & Minneapolis galleries of C.G. Rein Galleries. For detailed information on all of our services, just browse our website. You may also reach Morton Appraisals LLC at 480 – 326 – 6885 or send an email through this website. 
Antique Appraiser Phoenix

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