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Two individuals isolated by 100 years join in their journey for flexibility. In 1856 a slave, Samuel Woodward and his family escape from Monroe Plantation close Richmond, Virginia. A mystery system of customary individuals, known as the Underground Railroad manages the family in their voyage toward the north of Canada. Here are tenaciously sought after by famous slave seeker Plimpton. Chased like a puppy and inconceivable enduring frequented him and his precursors, Samuel must settle on retaliation and flexibility. 100 years prior in 1748, a slave merchant John Newton skipper cruises in Africa, with a payload of slaves, leaving America. On board is the granddad of Samuel whose survival is attached to the destiny of Captain Newton. The outing changed his life everlastingly Newton and he makes a legacy that will motivate Samuel and lives of millions for eras to come.

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