Abby is looking forward to spending a quiet Thanksgiving evening over a delicious turkey with her best friend, Molly. But this simple happiness will be short-lived when the young women see Molly’s new boyfriend and her flamboyant mother tumble down at dinner …

In these times of confinement and social distancing, seeing comedies celebrating the holiday season with reunited families and friends can be heartwarming and even cathartic. Friendsgiving by Nicol Paone, available today on Amazon Prime Video, is one of them. Offbeat, light and often trashy, this comedy from the producer of Zoolander and Thunder in the Tropics stages a Thanksgiving party that goes off the rails for better but above all for worse.

In the United States, the term Friendsgiving refers to the evenings reserved with friends to celebrate a Thanksgiving ersatz before or after the actual celebration which is usually reserved for the family. But it’s also a way for some Americans who are lonely or who don’t want to spend this holiday with their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends. This is the case with two best friends Molly and Abby who decided to have a quiet evening in the film.

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