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In Hong Kong, the nuclear power plant in Chai Wan has been hacked. Malicious software, in the form of a remote administration tool or RAT (Remote Access Tool), has opened the door for other malware more powerful that destroyed the cooling system of the plant, causing the crack of a housing of the containment and fusion of his heart. Any attempt of extortion or political demands have been made. What has motivated this criminal act remains a mystery.
A group of high-ranking officers of the PLA (people’s liberation Army of china) supported the captain Dawai Chen, a specialist in the defence against cyber attacks, and find and neutralize the perpetrator of this crime.
In Chicago, the Mercantile Trade Exchange (CME) is hacked, causing inflation surges in the price of soy.
Carol Barrett, an officer and veteran of the FBI, encourages his superiors to join their efforts to those of China. But the master Chen is away from the idea that it was made. Trained at MIT, with a perfect mastery of the English language, the officer chinese insists that its american counterparts and release on the field, a renowned hacker detained in prison : Nicholas Hathaway.

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