Hard Kill

The billionaire CEO of a high-tech company hires a team of fearless mercenaries to protect a new piece of tech that, if exposed, could destroy the world. Soon the boss’s daughter is kidnapped by a group of dangerous terrorists who want to absouls get their hands on the object.

Called scenario, kitsch phrases from the 80’s, bad acting, meaningless action and all this sprinkled with clich├ęs about technology and 50-cartridge pistols that you never reload … a film that would seem bad in front of a Moldovan TV movie mid-afternoon on weekdays!
Only one real question arises: BUT WHAT DOES BRUCE WILLIS DO IN SUCH TURNIP ????????

The best moments are all in the trailer and are barely 10% of it.

Save yourself unnecessary suffering and make better use of this hour and a half. (learning to paint with your toes on a coffee cup would be more rewarding)

This film is only intended to be shown to guests who are staying in your home.

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