Hubie Halloween

Hubie is not very popular in his hometown of Massachusetts. Yet that doesn’t stop this good but fearful man from protecting the people on Halloween.
Adam Sandler said if he didn’t win the Oscar for his performance in Uncut Gems then he was going to make the worst movie ever and he made Hubie Halloween. Here is my review about this movie. The story sees a man who loves Halloween but is ridiculed in his town and must save people from some peril. Sanders is so bad it’s like he’s trying to defy all logic but it doesn’t work and it’s horrible. His voice is so weird and he’s actually quite hard to understand and although you are clearly meant to care I never cared about him for a minute. A guy who loves Halloween so much why is he so scared of it all makes no sense. Overall I don’t think Hubie Halloween is the worst movie of all time, but we are close to it. I know people will tell me just to turn my mind off and appreciate it for what it is but no this excuse didn’t work. I hope this team will stop making these comedies and retire so we don’t have to put up with this kind of film anymore …

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