I, Claude Monet

Phil Grabsky, award-winning filmmaker, takes a fresh look at one who is the most beloved artist in the world by using the words of the painter himself. Thanks to the reading of more than 2,500 letters, Claude Monet reveals new facets of the man who gave birth to the Impressionist movement thanks to a painting and who was certainly one of the most influential and renowned painters of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century.
Monet’s life is the fascinating story of a man who, behind his luminous canvases of light, suffered depression, loneliness, and even thought of suicide. Nevertheless, as he developed his art and his love of gardening gradually gave place to the majestic garden of Giverny, his humor, his insight and his love of life were revealed.
Filmed around Europe, where he painted, Claude Monet is an unprecedented and intimate film exploration of some of the most popular cult images of Western art.

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