Dom Cobb is an experienced thief – the best in the perilous art of extraction: his specialty is to appropriate the most precious secrets of an individual, buried deep in his subconscious, while he dream and that his mind is particularly vulnerable. Much sought after for his talents in the troubled world of industrial espionage, Cobb has also become a fugitive hunted down all over the world who has lost everything dear to him. But a final mission could allow him to return to his former life – provided that he can accomplish the impossible: the inception. Instead of stealing a dream, Cobb and his team must do the opposite: implant an idea in the mind of an individual. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. And yet, as methodical and gifted as they are, nothing could have prepared Cobb and his partners for a formidable enemy who seems to be systematically one step ahead of them. An enemy that only Cobb could have suspected existed.

After the superheroic masterpiece The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan has carte blanche to direct his next feature film. He then began to make a film, co-written with his brother, which was called “Inception”. The story mixes reality and dream. The spectator then misunderstands, then learns to discern the true from the false, to find the keys to the scenario. Inception is a masterpiece. A real masterpiece. Christopher Nolan illustrates his talent, through his production and his script. Pure intelligence, the latter appears complex at first sight. Then, throughout the viewing, you gradually realize its strength, its emotional power, its ability to blur the trail. These are also scattered thanks to an incredible staging, daring to be grand and intimate. Inception can turn out to be an ultra-visual blockbuster but also a gripping drama, since the main intrigue is ultimately mourning. To perfect this great production, Nolan has resorted to a prestigious casting. Headlining Leonardo DiCaprio in a strong role. The actor happens to be far up to it since he infuses a lot of charisma and feelings into his character. We also find Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hitherto little famous, as well as Ellen Page and Michael Caine (who tours with Nolan from Batman Begins). Hans Zimmer composes the Soundtrack. The latter accompanies the film throughout, playing on the suspense of certain scenes or on the strong emotions that emerge from it (Time remaining one of the best music of the composers). With Inception, Christopher Nolan shows once again that he is one of the most talented contemporary filmmakers. Relying on solid scenarios, his major productions happen to be intelligent blockbusters, flagships of the cinema of tomorrow.

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