Ip Man 4

Fourth film in the Ip Man film series, based on the life of the great master Wing Chun of the same name, in which the applicant goes this time to the United States, to San Francisco, where his pupil Bruce Lee opened a Wing Chun school.

The grand master of Wing Chun winner with knuckles and knockout against Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker at the Chinese Box Office. Ip Man 4, released this December 20 in the country of the Middle Empire, still played by Donnie Yen, collected in the space of three days $ 43 million. A figure clearly above Star Wars 9, which is estimated to raise about $ 12.1 million. The lowest performance for a Star Wars movie released there. It should still be added that the original Star Wars films were released very late in China, and that this universe was deemed too codified and cryptic for the Chinese public to be interested in en masse.

As for Ip Man, this is the fourth time that Donnie Yen has donned the costume of the one who was the mentor / professor of Bruce Lee, since his first incarnation in 2008. And barely four years after a not very glorious third part, where the ‘you could see in it a certain … Mike Tyson. This time, Ip Man goes to the United States, to San Francisco, where his disciple opened a Wing Chun school.

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