Jiu Jitsu

After the suspect Retaliation, Logothetis does not give up the levers and goes even further into disorderly delusions. Here, he embarks contagiously like the guru of a new art no less than Franck Grillo, Tony Jaa, Nicolas Cage, Alain Moussi and Juju Chan in a delirium à la Power Ranger, the colors less, obviously not the costume budget, to face an extraterrestrial who practices Jiu Jitsu every millennium with the chosen being. Do not miss to discover the filmography of the guy and his craze for sequence shots, feverish alongside the regular Tony Jaa or again with Moussi, with a dubious alternation of subjective view in which the stuntman disarms himself of the bust camera to put it everywhere in the decor. I thought Max Steel had missed the boat, finally he was emulated. All that’s missing is color in this Desert Power Rangers.

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