Little Women

A new adaptation of “Four Daughters of Doctor March” which is inspired by both the great classic of literature and the writings of Louisa May Alcott. A personal rereading of the book, Les Filles du Docteur March is a film that is both timeless and current, in which Jo March, the author’s fictional alter ego, thinks back to his life.

The umpteenth adaptation of the novel by Louisa May Alcott published in 1868, this drama directed by Greta Gerwig on the life of a family made up of four girls and taking place during the American Civil War has an obvious charm. The overall cast is really excellent with in mind the role of Josephine “Jo” March interpreted by a Saoirse Ronan dazzling with energy, talent and character. The choice to break the chronology of events and to make a lot of round trips present-past confuses a little at the start when we do not know the characters well, but finally, little by little, the magic operates and the emotion is everything likewise at the meeting. A rather good film filled with love, generosity, kindness and humanity: there is worse to start the new decade

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