Love and Monsters

Seven years after a disaster brought humanity down from the top of the food chain and reduced to a snack for a revengeful mutant fauna, Joel is one of the lucky lucky ones who can still survive in an underground base. Finally happy … Joel is not so sentimentally speaking in front of the display in love with his companions, all as a couple, while he dreams of finding his beloved (named Aimee) locked in another bunker miles away. the. One day, on a whim, Joel decides to go join her against the advice of his comrades who strongly doubt his ability to survive alone … A young hero withdrawn into himself, clumsy and who writes rules ( in the form of drawings here) to escape the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world … No, no, it is not the character of Jesse Eisenberg in “Zombieland” but the one played today by Dylan O ‘Brien in “Love and Monsters”, it must be said that the confusion is easy as the film by Michael Matthews borrows many ingredients from the recipe for the zombie-comic saga of Ruben Fleischer. Beyond his hero, we find in fact the same tone of quirky post-apo survival, focusing as much on the absurdity of certain perilous situations as on the sluggish side of Joel in the face of survivor models always ready to room him. , the building of a surrogate family around Joel along the way and even a few supporting roles that make it up also furiously recall the spirit of “Zombieland” (Michael Rooker is really reminiscent of a light version of Woody Harrelson not to mention his little sidekick). In short, “Love and Monsters” follows in the footsteps of its famous model and, basically, we must admit that it fulfills this task effectively thanks to certain strengths. The formula of the film is not original enough to ensure its only identity, no big deal, “Love and Monsters” can at least create an illusion thanks to the richness of its very successful bestiary and extending to the entire animal order where “Zombieland” is rightly limited by his. The humor clearly does not have the same punch as in Ruben Fleischer’s film (despite some pretty smiles, it must be admitted), no big deal either, “Love and Monsters” will use it especially for the purpose of ” accentuate our emotional attachment to the relationships between his characters (the one between Joel and Boy is just irresistible) and the initiatory journey of his hero by increasing the number of more or less happy encounters to finally get his head out of his introvert hole for too long withdrawn into his memories. So, of course, all this does not completely hide the fact that “Love & Monsters” is a feature film which borrows much more than it creates, but, as it stands, it does so with sufficient discernment to offer a lot. result of pieces of bravery combining spectacle and emotion around monsters sometimes more human than their opponents. Thus, the term “boredom” quickly disappears from our vocabulary for the duration of this pleasant entertainment and, even beyond that, we find ourselves wanting to find this universe and its characters later in a potential sequel. Not so bad in the end for a recipe that we thought we knew all the flavors.

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