Lucky Strike

A body found on a beach, a sauna employee, an unscrupulous customs officer, a pawnbroker and a bar hostess who should never have met. But fate decided otherwise by placing on their route a bag full of tickets, which will turn their destiny upside down. Scams, betrayals and murders: everything is allowed for those who dream of new beginningsā€¦

After perfecting her art by making short films and documentaries, Kim Yong-hoon wrote and directed her first feature film, Lucky Strike. His work has always been praised for his attention to detail, the care of his artistic direction and the sophistication of the performance of his actors. With Lucky Strike, Kim Yong-hoon demonstrates once again all its qualities, bringing them to the highest level. About his intentions, he specifies: “I wanted to show a particular sample of modern society which is gradually sinking, and how all the evils and afflictions in this case tend to come together.” Advancing his intrigue at a brisk pace, he portrays in Lucky Strike how the ambition and base instincts of eight ordinary people can intertwine.

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