A commercial pilot, Brodie Torrance, pulled off the feat of landing his storm-damaged plane on dry land. He will discover that he landed on a war zone. He and the passengers find themselves taken hostage…
Mayday was born from the mind of Scottish novelist Charles Cumming, author of spy thrillers such as Box 88 or The Man Between. He had initially envisioned this project as a novel. But, encouraged by producer Mark Vahradian, he finally decided to turn it into a feature film script. Cumming came up with the plot idea during a family trip to Egypt, as he recalls:

“It was in the middle of the terror and kidnapping campaign, and as we landed at Hurghada International Airport, I wondered what would have happened if our plane had been diverted to an area controlled by the terrorists. The plot became a race against time to prevent the passengers from being kidnapped before the pilot could get the plane back into the air.”

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