Nightmare Island

The enigmatic Mr. Roarke brings the dreams of his lucky guests to life in a luxurious and secluded resort. But when their wildest fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have no choice but to solve the mysteries of this island and get out of it alive.

If it had been able to make certain spectators dream in the years at the end of the 70s and at the beginning of the 80s, the fantastic island of the series of the same name reveals a much more disturbing face in Nightmare Island. Indeed, if the starting point is the same as that of the series (a mysterious island grants the wildest wishes of its guests), this cinematographic adaptation takes a horrific turn in the course of events.

Not surprising when you know that it is Jason Blum who is behind the film. The prolific producer of Get Out, American Nightmare or Insidious, therefore embarks on what could be a new lucrative franchise. It brings together director Jeff Wadlow and actress Lucy Hale with whom he had previously collaborated on Action or Truth. The ex-actress of Pretty Little Liars is surrounded by Michael Peña, Maggie Q and Austin Stowell.

In 2007, an adaptation was already in the planning stage with Eddie Murphy in the main role but had not been completed. For fans of The Fantastic Island, HBO had devoted in 2018 a telefilm on Hervé Villechaize (Tattoo in the series), camped by Peter Dinklage, entitled My Dinner with Hervé.

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