After the economic collapse of the working-class city of Nevada where she lived, Fern decides to hit the road in her campervan and adopt a modern-day nomadic life, breaking away from the standards of today’s society. True nomads embody Fern’s comrades and mentors and accompany him in his discovery of the vast expanses of the American West.
Nomadland is directed by Chloé Zhao, who knows a thing or two about deep America and the left behind. In 2015, she directed her first feature film, The Songs that My Brothers Learned Me, a fascinating sociological study of the life of Amerindians on a reserve. The filmmaker continues two years later with another realistic dive into marginalized populations: The Rider, in which she follows a seriously injured rodeo star. She was chosen in 2018 to be at the helm of the blockbuster Eternals, the twenty-sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Prestigious awards
Among its many awards, Nomadland won the Golden Lion at the 2020 Venice Film Festival. Since this triumph, the film has featured in bookmakers’ predictions, since over the past three years, the winners of the Golden Lion (La Forme de l water, Roma and Joker) were all nominated for the Oscar for Best Film and without exception figured in the Academy Awards in the major categories (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor…). In addition, Nomadland was crowned with the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film and its director Chloé Zhao for Best Director.

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