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After having lost Debbie, his childhood friend, in circumstances of atrocious, Wool falls on an old planchette Ouija board in the room of Debbie, and then tries to play it to say “goodbye” to the disappeared… For the time being, only Pete, boyfriend of Debbie, agrees to help. Convinced that it may be a suicide, Laine conducts the investigation and discovers that the spirit summoned by the lath is called the “DZ” and wishes to continue the party at all costs…While events increasingly strange multiply, Wool enlists the help of her younger sister Sarah, her friend Isabelle and her boyfriend Trevor.Little by little, the five teenagers immerse themselves in the history of the home of Debbie and understand that their friend was neither the first victim nor the last. And if they fail to close the gate that they were dangerously open, they will face the same fate as the one who introduced them to the game of Ouija…

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