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Red Sparrow

In today’s Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, intelligence officer Dominika Egorova tries to trace her way into the jungle of post-Soviet services. After receiving, contrary to his will, the order to become a “sparrow”, an agent trained to seduce the enemy, Dominika is charged with attacking Nathaniel Nash, a young CIA officer, officer dealing with the The largest mole of the US agency in Russia.The film talks about a ballerina Russian seductive, sent as a spy for the CIA. In this movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. Ballerina gets injured on the scene, and then she will recover. With a dancing career in jeopardy, Lawrence is recruited as a spy. There she falls for Joel Edgerton.
Make stylish photos with Lawrence, on a rocking chair, In a mansion In Russia. Charlotte Rampling is the boss of the spies from distant, having a great interest for Lawrence. Red Sparrow is a movie starring Francis Lawrence, of `Hunger Games`. Here more play and Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds and Joely Richardson.
Every man is considered a Puzzle, and the weaknesses of the people can be exploited through seductive.

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