Scooby !

In SCOOBY !, we discover how Scooby and Sammy, lifelong friends, met and teamed up with budding detectives Fred, Velma and Daphné to create the famous Mystère et Cie team.
Having solved hundreds of cases and lived countless adventures, Scooby and his gang must now tackle their most formidable enigma: a plot to unleash the forces of the ghost dog Cerberus. As they pull out all the stops to stop this global “acabocalypse”, our friends discover that Scooby is the bearer of a heavy inheritance and that he is promised a greater fate than anyone could have imagined.

What is the point of resuscitating a cult license from the 1970s on the big screen if it is to distort it to such an extent? Scooby! version 2020 is, as such, even worse than the two villainous films of Raja Gosnell, insofar as he takes care to summon during his first quarter of an hour a universe to better exaggerate it, caricature it and empty it of its substance, offering it a more high-tech but soulless substitute. The pace rushes at full speed without taking into account either the atmosphere necessary for each situation or the readability of the images thus edited as on autopilot; it screams, it is ugly, it stultifies a spectator either too adult to adhere to such an outrage or too young to differentiate what he sees in front of the all-comer of current productions. When Sammy gives his dog the little blue collar – domestication takes place after just a few minutes of filming – you think it’s the start of a beautiful friendship; quickly, the necklace becomes the symbol of a chain of stupidity that crushes everything, on earth as in heaven, forgetting in passing that the main interest of the animated series, except for its iconic characters, lay in the distinction between the authenticity of the mystery and the propensity of each creature to be unmasked and thus connected to its humanity. Here, nothing sensitive, nothing deep, except the boredom that sets in without delay. No mystery, no pleasure to demystify. Colors cast on digital shapes without relief.

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