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Buster Moon is an elegant koala who runs a large theater, once illustrious, but now fallen into disuse. Buster is an eternal optimist, a little buggy, who loves his precious theater beyond everything and would be willing to do anything to save him. It is then that he finds a golden opportunity to improve his image while avoiding the destruction of his dreams and all his ambitions: a global competition for singing. Five candidates are selected for this challenge: A mouse as seductive as it is dishonest, a young shy elephant devoured by stage fright, a sow mother of a family overwhelmed by her marcassins, a young delinquent gorilla who seeks only to escape her family, And an epic punk pig who struggled to get rid of her boyfriend at oversized ego to make a solo career. This little world is going to pick up on the stage of Buster the opportunity that will change their life forever.

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