Snake Eyes

Six years after the release of its second (and to this day) installment, the GI Joe saga is about to set out again from the front and discreetly prepares for its return, like the ninja who will be the hero of its next film: a spin -off devoted to the character of Snake Eyes, embodied by Ray Park in the two previous films. The interpreter of Dark Maul in Star Wars – Episode I which will not pass the third, since it is Henry Golding, revelation of Crazy Rich Asians and The Shadow of Emily who will succeed him in the dark outfit for a story centered on how the character will seek revenge for the death of his father according to The Hollywood Reporter.

If the information is confirmed, we will therefore be faced with an origin story that will show us a talking and uncovered Snake Eyes, which had never happened in the universe of GI Joe, whether in the animated series or films in real shots. Directed by Robert Schwentke (Flight Plan, Divergente 2), the feature does not yet have a release date but could be shot next year. And it would not be surprising to find there the sworn enemy of the character: Storm Shadow, his blood brother to whom Byung-Hun Lee lent his features in 2009 and 2013. It remains to be seen who will take up the torch.

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