Space Jam 2

After kicking the ball with Michael Jordan in 1997, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all their friends are about to play a new basketball match alongside LeBron James in July 2021. And if we are to believe Deadline, Don Cheadle – notably known for having played War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – will also be there.

The information has not yet been made official by Warner Bros. and the role of Cheadle still remains undetermined, but after having lent a hand to the Avengers, the interpreter of James Rhodes could thus soon integrate another super-team, a little less serious, certainly, but downright more crazy: that which will form our friends Looney Tunes between the two baskets on the basketball court.

Will they once again be dealing with extraterrestrial parasites transformed into giant monsters? Will they again risk ending up as intergalactic amusement park mascots in case of defeat?

Space Jam 2 will arrive in American theaters soon, If Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6) was announced for production in 2016, it is now Terence Nance (Random Act of Flyness) who will film this film combining live action and CGI to mix a basketball player with cartoon characters animated Warner. LeBron James will play the main character in this sequel to the first film originally released in France in 1997.

The original Space Jam featured the same concept with Michael Jordan headlining. He rubbed shoulders with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky, Sylvestre, Pépé le putois, etc. who were threatened by aliens and chose to play their freedom in a basketball game. To be up to the challenge, they went to Earth to request the services of the best basketball player: Michael Jordan.

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