Spenser Confidential

We appreciated the tandem Peter Berg / Mark Wahlberg, but the disappointment generated by “22 Miles” sounded like the film too many in the collaboration of the two friends who had become inseparable since “Blood and Tears”, “Deepwater” and “Hunt for Boston”. Following the very relative box office success of their latest feat of arms, the two men logically left (like many of their colleagues) to rebuild their health on Netflix and, to say the least, is that their new project did not have enough to arouse great enthusiasm on paper as it stirred up well-known ingredients and already, for some, explored by themselves through their common or respective filmographies. Rogue cops, gangs, FBI, murders, conspiracies and obviously the sacrosanct city of Boston in the background … It’s very simple, we almost had the impression of having seen “Spenser Confidential” before even start it, just could we hope that Berg’s talent in terms of action transcends this thriller which we thought we knew everything in advance … Well, on the overall plot of “Spenser Confidential”, we do not was not really mistaken. With his ex-cop slayer of injustices and returning to the bacon of a plot where gravitate various shady strata of the Bostonian landscape, we can not say that the new film of Peter Berg surprises us with its twists or turns out to be very credible by his excessive desire to always personally involve his hero in the stakes. As such, the enormity of the concomitance between a certain murder and his release from prison or that of the revelation around one of the culprits will be particularly difficult to swallow. However, these classic strings of a time-worn detective novel that the film takes great pleasure in handling with the greatest seriousness in the world will ultimately find meaning through their combination with a kind of unexpected coolness of the great buddy-movie. time. Perhaps because he himself is also inspired by a series of books with the same hero, the character of Spenser first appears rather quickly as the Bostonian counterpart of Jack Reacher: a modern vigilante with a big heart, capable lightness thanks to unexpected features of humor in the surrounding darkness but also the most able to respond to violence with violence by not hesitating to chain kicks (or machetes) in the anthill he chose to destroy. But where Jack Reacher acted most of the time solo, Spenser is then rewarded with a team of colorful characters who will further amplify the shock between the casual tone and the dark atmosphere of the feature film. ! The sparks caused by the complementarity between the mad dog Spenser (Mark Wahlberg, very fit) and the quiet strength of the giant Hawk (excellent Winston Duke) will be the best spearhead, recalling the best duets of detective films of the genre of the 90’s. , but the supporting roles around them will not be outdone: Alan Arkin, an obvious patriarch of this recomposed “family”, and, above all, the blonde fury Iliza Shlesinger unleashing her wrath with jubilation at each of her appearances. The very entertaining interactions between this makeshift team and, as expected, Berg’s ability to bring violence to the screen in effective action scenes will make “Spenser Confidential” more than honest entertainment and reconnecting with it. soul of the finest hours of its kind. Good news, like the writings on which it is inspired, “Spenser Confidential” was clearly envisaged as the first opus of a saga! Suffice to say that we are already delighted to find all these characters and the best of this retro-explosive spirit conveyed in their wake, however, we also hope that these explosive elements will now be at the service of a less predictable detective story and tired, they really deserve it.

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