A fanciful duo of secret agents, made up of the demanding but rebellious Vladimir and Hector the rascal geek, holds the fate of the world between its legs: following the theft of radiesite, a material classified top secret on an offshore platform, the tandem will have to save the planet from a climatic threat during its investigation, carried out beating beating!

“” Spycies “is for me an atypical animated film which brings together very diverse cinematographic styles. The film oscillates between action adventure, cartoon and police according to the adventures of Vladimir and Hector. This multiplicity of genres within the film, allows me to call upon outstanding references from the cinema coming from both real shooting and animation. When it comes to determining the dynamics of the duo Vladimir / Hector, for example ” an unfriendly professional and the other endearing beta, I very often invoke mythical characters from action films of the 80s and 90s like Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Léo Getz (Joe Pesci) / Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover ) in “L’Arme Fatale 2”.

As far as the universe is concerned, I was very inspired by my travels in China, which even before my participation in this film, had already evoked various atmospheres for me. For example, I tried to import into the film this striking mixture of hyper modernism and traditional which had particularly marked me. I obviously made a certain difference which should, I hope, seduce the Chinese public and intrigue the Western public. It is also about dealing with familiar and universal issues such as the climatic upheavals which add anchor to this universe.

When it comes to animation, I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese directors and in particular from Hayao Miyazaki’s first works on “Le château de Cagliostro”, a monument of animation which, in my opinion, intelligently combines realism and burlesque. But when it comes to pure cartoon sequences, I particularly turn to the “Roger Rabbit” spirit, a comic universe that seems particularly speaking and universal to me.

Finally, in my work on “Spycies”, it seems essential to me to emphasize the comic aspect which is omnipresent at all stages of the narration of the film, both in adventure and in romance. Thanks to this, I want to make a film that primarily appeals to children from the age of six. However, being a parent myself, I obviously tried not to forget to wake up the child who is in each of us. ”

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