Many years have gone since a spaceship with the last survivors of humanity has left the earth. In the long run, Captain Hunter’s group (Kevin Sorbo) lands on an earthly planet, which could be another home. A little surveillance band will be dispatched to examine the site in more detail. Be that as it may, the van is hit by a meteor shower and stalls out. Despite the fact that the team survived the mishap, it will soon be astonishing that the murderous Aborigines are considered as a mass on the unprime planet. Just Kate (Danielle Chuchran) figures out how to dispose of animals. All alone, they should likewise figure out how to free their confidants and battle not just for their own survival, However, extraterrestrials are not their exclusive impediment on the planet, here are philanthropic warriors who trust that any individual who is not some portion of their tribe is antagonistic.

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