Terminator: Dark Fate

Nowadays in Mexico. Dani Ramos, 21, works on an assembly line in a car factory. She sees her life turned upside down when she suddenly finds herself confronted by two strangers: on one side Gabriel, a Terminator machine of the most evolved, indestructible and protean, a “Rev-9”, coming from the future to kill her; on the other Grace, a genetically augmented super-soldier sent to protect her. Embarked on a breathtaking chase through the city, Dani and Grace owe their salvation only to the intervention of the dreaded Sarah Connor, who, with the help of a mysterious source, has been tracking Terminators for decades. Determined to join this unknown ally in Texas, they set off, but the Terminator Rev-9 relentlessly pursues them, as do the police, drones and border patrols … The stakes are even greater than saving. Dani is saving the future of humanity.

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