The Addams Family

The Addams family, who had previously lived in their homes, perched on a foggy hill in New Jersey, are preparing to receive distant members even stranger than they were at Pugsley’s Mazurka. A ceremony of rite of passage that must take place in front of the whole family and where the young boy must prove that he is ready to become a real Addams male. But they don’t know that their neighbor at the bottom of the hill – interior decorator and long-tooth television host Margaux Needler – is putting together a prefabricated neighborhood, full of pop color and perfection. When the fog rises, revealing the home of the Addams, the dark building seems to stand between the young ambitious girl and her dream of selling all the houses in the neighborhood to become the most acclaimed personality that television has ever created.
As Pugsley struggles to try to memorize the choreography of the famous Mazurka, Mercredi is going through a terrible adolescent crisis. She becomes friends with Parker, Margaux’s daughter, and tries to break the limits of her lifestyle as well as those of her mother Morticia’s patience, with fads pushing bad taste to the point of wanting to integrate a public school, become a Cheerleader and have the audacity to wear pink unicorn barrettes.

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