The Call of the Wild

The peaceful domestic life of a big-hearted dog Buck tilts when abruptly torn from his California home and finds himself enlisted as a sled dog in the wilderness of the Canadian Yukon during the 1890s gold rush Buck will have to adapt and fight to survive, until finally finding his true place in the world by becoming his own master …

A beautiful film. Contrary to what the trailer might suggest, the animals are pretty well made as well as the sets even if it seems that the actors are looking into space. Harisson Ford is still badass for 78 years. And I know some who will shed their little tears …

I am however not very “dogs” in general, but I admit that this Buck, proposed in motion capture, is a real visual success! All its expressions are so worked that even without speaking, this pooch makes us vibrate, laugh or cry! However, her life began peacefully, warm in a sweet home in California. Then, certain circumstances will propel him towards a destiny filled with encounters, adventures and large wild spaces at the time of the gold rush. The presence of Omar Sy and especially Harrison Ford is of course a huge and delicious bonus, but the real hero is this big brave and endearing doggie. I did not see the 100 minutes of this film pass because the pace is so hectic and the story captivating! This adaptation of Jack London’s novel (published in 1903) is a little cinematographic nugget that hits hearts and souls, whatever their ages!

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