The Craft: Legacy

The introverted Hannah arrives at a new high school. She befriends three other comrades. Young women begin to practice magic and summon the most powerful spirits in order to turn their dreams into reality. Definitely, all the young witches of the 90s have had a second life in recent years! After the returns of “Charmed” and “Sabrina” on the small screen, here is “The Craft”, a film having casually marked a whole generation of teenagers thanks to its group of marginal students who have become witches of competition, tumbles today in the dark rooms. With its quartet of charismatic actresses (Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell and Rachel True), it must be said that “The Craft” was a fantastic teen-movie far from stupid in its metaphorical use of witchcraft to evoke the the ravages of drugs among young people (the ephemeral euphoria of powers quickly gave way to a nasty backfire breaking the friendship of the four high school girls). In addition, through the various consequences of the staged spells, the feature film flew over a good set of themes, unfortunately still very current, such as racism, harassment, suicide, rape or the harmful influence of a family environment. disadvantaged … In short, by the times of lack of inspiration that run, “The Craft” was the perfect candidate to go through the rema box … finally sequel-not-saying-not-remake story not to take the public too much for muggle blissful. Because, yes, we won’t tell you why or how (it’s so silly as it is easy) but “The Craft” 2020 is indeed a sequel to the 1996 film which takes on serious remake airs in its beginnings. All the ingredients of the original are indeed there with this new student who befriends three witch comrades but, already, some details do not deceive (the male over-representation in the family home in particular), the speech around these young girls endowed with powers will take on a resolutely feminist tone. Basically, why not, deviating from the metaphor of the previous film towards that of female emancipation promises a different offer, especially since the accompanying story also takes another turn after the setting up. “The Craft” therefore at least has the merit of not playing the card of complete copy and paste to find its own way … Except that in front of the scale of the disaster that is looming, we will very quickly regret that he did not content himself with plagiarizing his model. Not only is the feminist statement going to be unnamed Manichean silliness, spread throughout the film with a trowel to make it look like a catalog titled “Down with Patriarchy for Dummies!”, But the plot that goes on articulate around to support it will find a way to do worse! Stuck in its extremist caricature, “The Craft” can only regurgitate a vain story of gender opposition against a background of magical powers that seems to have been written on a corner of tablecloth. Between two side identity quests that we don’t care about, the film doesn’t even bother to make its main twists a little believable and just relies on fueling the hateful gaze towards stupid and macho stereotypes that he unrolls to point the finger at the opponent. It’s very simple, we had come there to see a remake of “The Craft”, we actually find ourselves in front of a simili “Black Christmas” (2019) in an even more teen and silly version! And, when the time comes for the final confrontation after a vague twist in the form of a hilarious “transformation”, get ready for a final act which obviously took as a model that of “Dragon Ball – Evolution” to bring you the show on more ridiculous possible! We will pass on the omnipresence of pop songs (and even original music next to the plate) that make you want to happily put on ice picks to the back of your ears, on “Twilight” as a cultural reference. ultimate in young people of this age, on a David Duchovny that we want to take to the vet to have him stung in order to get him out of this mess (there is Michelle Monaghan too, the poor thing) or the Artificial suspense maintained around the most anticipated epilogue in the galaxy …

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