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The Drownsman

The drownsman is a written work and coordinated by Chad Archibald featuring Michelle Mylett, Caroline Palmer, Gemma Bird Matheson. In the wake of being suffocated in a lake, Madison awakens in an existence of dread. Difficult to depict what happened to her when she was submerged, she starts to build up a hydrophobia: a strange dread of water. Madison is trampled by her injury, attempting to close the world, yet fear is escalating, and she confronts the vision of a dim figure who frequents her day and night. After her battle for a year with her fear and dreams, four companions attempt an unpredictable intercession in which a conduit opens coincidentally in a dim place where none of them are protected. Madison and her companions plunge profound into the dull history of this assume frequents them, they get out and begin pulling in them in a startling spot from which they can not return.

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