The Father

THE FATHER tells the story of an 81-year-old man, Anthony, whose reality is slowly shattering before our eyes. But it is also the story of Anne, his daughter, who tries to accompany him through a maze of unanswered questions.

Hedi and Cokeman are the two worst dealers in Paris. Small-time scammers, they survive by passing off carambars for bars of hash. This is Hess !!! Tired of this lifestyle, their daily life will be considerably better when Zlatana, Hedi’s little sister, gets married to a great drug lord: Arsène Van Gluten. The latter, under the pressure of his new wife, will provide them with several kilos of Mojo Mango, first-hand cannabis. Hedi and Cokeman finally have the opportunity to open their own network. Convinced that this means the end of the galley for them, they are still unaware that this is only the beginning of the problems …

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