The Marksman

Pursued by members of a Mexican cartel, a mother and son cross the border between Mexico and Arizona and find themselves in Jim Hanson’s land. Embittered and aging, he traditionally denounces illegal immigrants to the authorities. But when the mother is killed in a shootout, the recalcitrant American decides to help young Miguel escape. The widowed and disillusioned war veteran and the orphan boy will have to cross the United States, pursued by criminals and corrupt police officers.
If action cinema rhymes with Liam Neeson today, it has not always been so. The Irish actor was more associated with dramatic feature films, such as Schindler’s List, Michael Collins or Gangs of New York, but did not rule out forays into blockbusters such as the Star Wars prelogy and Batman Begins. But it was the EuropaCorp Taken production that marked a radical turning point in his career in 2008. Pierre Morel’s film, in which Neeson is a father who tracks down his daughter’s kidnappers, is a hit: with a budget of $ 25 million, it brings in more than $ 226 million and is the originator two suites and a television series.

A turn that the actor is fully aware of, as he explains in the Guardian: “[…] my image has radically changed in people’s minds. And especially Hollywood producers. The Taken changed everything, I wasn’t the one who claimed these roles. After the first movie, I got loads of cool action movie scripts, that’s flattering. But I know that there will be a limit to these successes ”.

In this same interview published in 2015, he announced that he would give himself two years before stopping action films because of his age: “If I feel that the public is saying ‘Come on, he’s 62 years old, that’s too much. ‘, I would be very sensitive to that. If I noticed this feeling in people, then I would stop right away. And I would start playing fathers or grandfathers. But I continue to talk and my knees are fine. And then it’s fun to make action films ”.

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