The New Mutants

Rahne Sinclair, Illyana Rasputin, Sam Guthrie and Roberto da Costa are four young mutants detained in an isolated hospital for psychiatric treatment. Dr. Cecilia Reyes, who considers these adolescents dangerous to themselves as well as to society, monitors them closely and tries to teach them to master their powers. When a newcomer, Danielle Moonstar, joins the establishment, strange events appear. Young mutants are hallucinated and flashbacked, and their new abilities – as well as their friendship – are put to the test in a frantic struggle for survival.

According to its postponements, the project had become a running gag. But this time seems to be the right one: two years after its initial release date, The New Mutants should land on our screens on April 1, and put an end to the X-Men saga of Fox, initiated in 2000 It is even said that the feature will correspond to the original vision of its director Josh Boone (so without the reshoots to which we owe this delay), and the latter expressed himself on Instagram when the new trailer had just to be revealed.

Asked about the classification of the feature film, with horrific overtones and once compared to a haunted house film, the director clarified that it would be PG-13 (prohibited for those under 13 unaccompanied) and not the R (prohibited for many under 17 unaccompanied) that many anticipated, given the tone and success of Deadpool and Logan, also produced by Fox. But in reality, it was never discussed.

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