The Old Guard

A tight-knit band of immortal mercenaries, led by the fearsome Andy, have fought for centuries to protect humans. But as the group embark on a most perilous mission, their extraordinary powers are suddenly revealed. It is then that Andy and Nile, the last soldier to join the team, must do everything to neutralize their enemies. Because they will stop at nothing to divert the powers of the immortals for their benefit.

Welcome to a new interchangeable action blockbuster sold as the Summer 2020 event release on Netflix! Not even the time to hope for an ounce of originality in the scriptwriting of “The Old Guard”: after an unnecessary flashforward, the film throws us directly into yet another mission veering into general ambush towards its central team of mercenaries. All the rest will obviously come down to the most banal revenge of these prey in spite of themselves against a small, then a big bad guy. By “luck”, the spectator will even have the right to the introduction of a new recruit to understand what drives each member of the small group, he will also be able to almost jump from one country to another at each sequence by way of exotic offering and, if he’s wise, maybe even a traitor will point the tip of his nose at one point or another to make this menu worthy of the worst fast-food in contemporary action film to totally fill him up. ! But, beware, like the good Happy Meal that he is, “The Old Guard” has its own fantastic little toy to make the difference: its heroes are indeed immortal, a situation which perhaps has something to give a little relief. to this tasteless menu … No mystery: no, it will not be. And that may even make the formula a little more indigestible. Why that ? Well, unlike a “6 Underground” or an “Extraction” (to refer to recent Netflix productions of the same type), this adaptation of the comicbook signed by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez is not going to rely completely on the action. at all costs – that stupid, nagging, non-stop, where form prevails over substance but which has the merit of dazzling the eyes – she will prefer to concentrate on her characters and their motivations before the shootings. We can only welcome the intention, especially since the immortal status of these heroes implies very heavy liabilities to explore, but unfortunately this will not work at all. All of the themes addressed by their particular conditions (loneliness, the weight of eternity, the suffering of seeing one’s human companions disappear & co) will only be summed up in a series of open doors that have been crossed many times by n ‘ does not matter who has at least once in his life seen a film featuring an immortal creature. Out of politeness, it is better not to dwell at length on the relevance of the more current questions that the feature film tries to address through this prism (the line is far too forced and opportunistic to be truly sincere) or the embarrassing quality of the a few quick flashbacks in distant times (some reconstructions are worthy of a school fair). In short, between the banality of its scriptwriting journey and that of the problems of its very bland characters, “The Old Guard” causes such boredom that we come fully to share the pain felt by these immortals in the face of eternity! As the original material is known for its graphic violence, you could tell yourself that the film was going to send the sauce level bastons to compensate … well no, even on shot, when “The Old Guard” goes into action mode, it is only to deliver very lambdas sequences of the kind, not unpleasant to watch certainly but the realization is so catch-all that it instantly fails to make them a little bit memorable. Come on, we will still save from the whole the performance of KiKi Layne (“If Beale Street Could Talk”), the only one to bring a little ardor in the middle of an amorphous cast (she even seems to wake Charlize Theron to each of their interactions) and, more broadly, an interesting script element … that the film will content itself with reappearing as an epilogue with the aim of announcing a sequel. Not sure that we will venture there this time.

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