The Prom

Stars of the New York scene, Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman are going through a real storm: the last show they put on Broadway at great expense was a resounding failure that suddenly destroyed their careers. At the same time, deep in Indiana, high school student Emma Nolan experiences a whole different kind of grief – despite the principal’s support, the head of the parents’ association has banned her from coming. at the prom with his girlfriend Alyssa. When Dee Dee and Barry realize that they can make Emma’s ordeal a cause to be championed – and thus improve their brand image – they set sail for Indiana, along with Angie and Trent, two. other cynical actors looking to get their careers off the ground. But when their opportunistic activism turns on them in unexpected ways, the lives of the four actors are turned upside down – and they mobilize to give Emma a night where she can finally come to terms with her identity.

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