The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Fox Terrier Max faces a big upheaval: her owner Katie got married and had a lovely baby, Liam. Max is so obsessed with childcare that he develops obsessive behavioral disorders. During a family trip to a farm, Max and Big Duke will meet cows with canine intolerance, hostile foxes and a monstrous turkey, which is not going to fix Max’s tocs. Fortunately he will be advised by old Rico. This seasoned farm dog pushes him past his neuroses to find the Alpha in him and let little Liam breathe.
Meanwhile, while her master is away, Giget, the little Pomeranian Lulu, tries to save Max’s favorite toy from a cat-infested apartment with the help of the imposing Chloe, who has become completely addicted to catnip.
Pompon, the adorable little bunny bunny, thinks he has superpowers since his owner Molly bought him a super hero pajamas. But when Daisy, a reckless Shih Tzu, embarks on a dangerous mission, he will have to gather all his courage to become the hero he was only for the moment in his fantasies.
Max, Pompon, Gidget and the rest of our boyfriends will they find the courage to face their biggest fears?

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