The Social Dilemma

Tech experts and activists are sounding the alarm bells about some of their addictive inventions and destabilizing democracies.
Excellent documentary aimed at making us aware of the excessive use of social networks and new technologies. Interview with important players in the industry such as the creator of Pinterest, CEO of Twitter and many others. This documentary will make you change the way you consume content on the Internet and will really make you aware of the negative and positive points of social networks.
“behind our smoke screens” is a report that deals with a not new ethical subject: mass manipulation via new technologies. So this documentary shows how the GAFA manipulate our data in order to better manipulate us afterwards (a shame when we know that Netflix does the same with its personalized suggestions). But either … honestly this documentary remains faithful to other Netflix documentaries. Mediocre and pulling the length. Indeed in addition to presenting any exclusive information, that used in the documentary are rehashed during 2 hours but under different formulations. A bit like when you were in school and you used lots of synonyms and adjectives to inflate your essay to reach the quota of imposed words …

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