The War with Grandpa

Peter, 10, must, at the request of his parents, vacate his room for his grandfather and reluctantly move into the attic. With the help of his friends, he will do everything to get his room back and will not hesitate to use the great means. But his grandfather is far from letting go and counterattack… All shots are allowed!

My grandfather and I’s adventure began with budding executive producer Tre Peart, who was only 11 years old. “I read Robert Kimmel Smith’s book three years ago in school. There was a rule in my house that if a film was adapted from a book, I had to read the book first. Suddenly, after reading it, I couldn’t wait to see the movie, I explored all sorts of sites like YouTube, Netflix and Vimeo – and I didn’t find ANYTHING! my parents who, fortunately, are film producers. They thought it was a good idea. And that’s how this project was born. ”

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