Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, 21, has neither plans nor ambition: she simply travels by motorcycle on the East End of London where her work of courier barely allows her to pay her rent. And even if it is enrolled in the university, it rarely goes on. Daughter of an eccentric explorer missing for seven years, this young rebellious and independent woman refuses to regain the empire of her father. Convinced that he is not dead, she decides one day, on a whim, to solve the enigma of her disappearance.
Turning her back on her London life, Lara sets sail for the destination where her father was last seen: the legendary tomb of a mythical island off Japan. But the journey proves to be the most dangerous: armed with its only courage, it learns to push its own limits and then plunges into the unknown. The stakes are now considerable for the young woman. For if she survives, she can claim the title of “raid raid”.

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