Train to Busan 2

Four years after Last Train to Busan, only zombies remain in the peninsula. A group of soldiers forced to return find that uncontaminated survivors have banded together in a far more dangerous gang than the zombies …

Great successes at the World Box Office, Last train to Busan and Peninsula (expected with us on October 28) give desires of sequels for its happy director Sang-Ho Yeon, who would like to continue to dig the universe posed by his two films .

“The theme of Peninsula revolved around the question:” how to create hope in a desolate world full of despair, and I believe that this question is more important than ever today “released the interested party in an interview. granted to Entertainment Weekly, as his film is just coming out on US screens. “I thought that subject would resonate with a lot of people today,” he added.

“After The Last Train to Busan, I asked myself the following question: how can I create an entirely different movie while still keeping it in the same universe? The answer to that question was,“ let’s combine the zombies with the heist movie. / robbery ! This is what gave Peninsula. The biggest difficulty was how we were going to portray a devastated South Korea four years after the arrival of the virus. The budget was not small, but not big enough to fully realize a broad view of the ruined city. The design of the devastated city took a lot of work, while forcing us to film it in the best possible way. I spent more time preproducing Peninsula than any of my other films. ”

The filmmaker thus declares himself ready to work on a spin off, to begin with, which would focus on the fate of surviving characters seen in the new film. “Across Peninsula, I think the world of The Last Train of Busan may have been expanded, and there are still many more survivors […] I would like to tell the stories of these characters.” However, he specifies that he might not take over directing again, “but I would at least like to start working on a new film with this frame”.

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