In Uglyville, we love everything weird, we celebrate the peculiarities and beauty hidden elsewhere than in appearances. Moxy, a funny little free-spirited creature, and his friends the UglyDolls live every day in a whirlwind of joy and good humor, savoring life and its endless possibilities. Moxy is perfectly happy in this place where nobody is like everyone else. But her natural curiosity drives her to wonder what may be on the other side of the mountain where Uglyville nestles. Accompanied by her friends, she will discover another world, Perfection, a city where ordinary dolls are raised to ideally meet the conventional criteria to seduce children. Moxy and his friends will be subjected to the manipulations of Lou, the ideal doll responsible for training new recruits. At Perfection, the UglyDolls will be confronted with difference, rejection and desire to be loved, but they will come to understand that it is not necessary to be perfect to be extraordinary and that the only thing who counts is who we really are.

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