An underwater science team faces an earthquake. Underwater, they will have to try to survive.

The shooting of Underwater took place in spring 2017. It took almost 3 years between the end of the shooting and the release of the film in January 2020. The takeover of Fox by Disney is the cause of this delay .
SF Specialist
Underwater is William Eubank’s third feature film. The filmmaker is still in the SF genre after Space Time L’ultime odyssée and The Signal.
Alien inspiration
The producers of Underwater called on Adam Cozad (Tarzan) to refine the script and deepen the relationships between the characters: Norah, Captain Lucien, marine biology student Emily, drilling engineer Smith, system manager Rodrigo and Paul, the joker who always wants attention. Cozad was inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien, but also from Cameron’s action-packed sequel, 1986, Aliens, The Return, both featuring Sigourney Weaver as heroine Ellen Ripley.
Tribute to Ripley
According to screenwriter Adam Cozad, the character of Norah (Kristen Stewart) is, in a way, a tribute to Ripley in Alien. “It didn’t matter if Ripley was a man or a woman and it made her a pioneer. Nobody had ever written such a character before. She served as a model and pushed us to make Norah a character whose trajectory has nothing to do with his gender. It seems to be a truly authentic representation, and given the world we live in, we felt that it was the right message to convey. ”
Kristen Stewart’s preparation
Although the very physical dimension of the role guided Kristen Stewart’s game, she quickly felt close to the character and hardly needed any training or documentation: “I didn’t have to prepare me for this role, “she says. “They are not soldiers. They are people like you and me who do their job in a place where, they thought, their safety was assured – when it is not. She can repair screens, tightening screws and making the drilling rig work well, but it is not at all ready to survive in such a situation. So, in preparation, I had to be as present as possible. ”

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